After an amazing eight years of doing what we love—designing and building beautiful user interfaces—we’re going to keep doing just that. Except… as a part of a different company.


Artletic has been acquired by one of our favorite clients, Vancouver-based ACL Software. Instead of client services, we’ll be focused on creating products used by 90% of the Fortune 500.

The Full Story


We’re moving on, but will be taking pieces of
 Artletic with us. Things like great team collaboration,
 a #gif-hall-of-fame Slack channel, and memories.


Matt Crest

Principal, Designer & UI Developer

Biggest takeaway

Animated GIFs are, in fact, the greatest accomplishment of the last 20 years. Oh, and remote working allows for way better connections and friendships than people imagine.

Favorite moment

Stressing for weeks and months over making my first hire. Then, almost immediately afterward thinking, “Why the hell did it take me so long to do this? This is amazing!” Rinse and repeat with each new hire…

World’s Best Boss Award

Sorry Michael Scott, this one goes to Matt (you can keep your mug, though). So genuine, kind, and open, Matt is a one-of-a-kind boss. (Mug not included.)

Ryan Byrd's Picture

Ryan Byrd

Designer & UI Developer

Favorite Artletic-inspired phrase

LOLing. Yeah, that’s right: Laughing out Louding. Our fearless leader Matt introduced that one and it stuck in my (near-daily) vocabulary.

Most awesome moment

When I was finally able to share that I’ve never watched (nor plan to watch) Star Wars. I’m pretty sure Phil & Tim real-life unfriended me.

#MrPopular Award

An excellent reminder to remote workers around the world—get out. Out of the house, that is. Every time Ryan would grab lunch or coffee with a friend, he would let the Artletic crew know with this hashtag.

Phil Smith's Picture

Phil Smith

Designer & UI Developer

Most horrified

Ryan refuses to watch Star Wars

Biggest revelation

I always assumed working on sexy products is the more interesting path as a designer. You know—glossy, Dribbblicious goodness. However, I have worked on enterprise apps my whole time at Artletic and am incredibly content. Solving complex problems in a complex ecosystem is both challenging and rewarding. (Not to mention, I’m working with a great team!)

Tin Foil Hat Award

Phil is always droning on and on about frivolous topics like “privacy.” Don’t tell him to Google something—it’s all DuckDuckGo, all the time for him.

Tim Smith's Picture

Tim Smith

Designer & UI Developer

Biggest surprise

Ryan has never watched Star Wars. It was in that moment when I thought… am I working at the right place? Is this real life?

Most fun thing

Definitely our Slack. It’s been incredibly fun to get to know these people. Remote working can be difficult and lonely, but Artletic has never felt that way. I genuinely love opening up Slack in the morning and getting to work with these guys.

Most Improved

No, we’re not talking about design or development, we’re talking about one of the twenty-first century’s most sought after skills—GIFing. Tim went from striking out every time to hitting home runs, over night.